Sunday, May 27, 2007

A Flowering Deck

Recently I've made it a project of mine to put a little prettiness out on my deck. Living in a big city where sometimes decks are the only space some people have to "get green", I've seen pictures of some pretty impressive deck gardens. I'm not going to go overboard, but I did want a bit more than one or two pots. So here are some pictures of how it looks so far....

Some fresh basil, rosemary, and oregano (not pictured) were my gift to Steve for making the second trip to Home Depot with me to get the cedar barrel and flowers. Still need to replant them in pots!
I love my cedar barrel!
Ivy and a potted arrangement. Originally had the ivy hanging, but it seemed to just blend in with the tree behind the deck so moved it to the little bench. In the background you can see that I still have a few more flowers to pot! =)
Those are the long leaves of our Christmas bulb that I have pictures of in an earlier post. It was starting to really droop in the apartment, so moved it here as I can prop the leaves up against the wall of the deck. Next to it are my favorite little red and gold marigolds, and a transplanted bamboo plant that looks like it wants to die, but just won't give up the fight.
More pretty marigolds! And those pots were only a buck apiece at Target!

The peeling white table looks much better covered up with this pretty blue round table cloth.
Close up of of the daisies, pink petunias, purple lobella, white begonias and yellow marigolds I put in the cedar barrel.
Happy Spring/Summer!


Dan Mega said...

I envy your deck.

zmandamoriah said...

Aw, I love it! Tuesday's are a must!

Jenny! said...

That's beautifu! I did the same thing to my balcony and back porch! I planted an herb garden and it smells so wonderful!

simply inspired said...

this looks sooo nice! :) great job! still looking... let's get together for lunch next week sometime? :)

Jill said...

I LOVE your cedar barrel too! Okay, I have to admit that I just had to scroll up and see how you spelled barrel. I was sure if it has 2 L's. Ooops.