Monday, January 29, 2007

The Scarf is Not Flowering....but the Amaryllis Bulb Is!

So sorry for the delay in postings! I wish I could say a lot has happened on the scarf, but it is taking me a bit longer than I had wished, as you can see!

I thought that I would have more done by now, but I think if I want a project like this to go faster, I am going to have to learn the continental style. I may also have to start taking the train to work more often to give myself a few more hours a day to work on this!

This is the Amaryllis bulb that Steve's Aunt Sue gave us for Christmas. It's finally flowering! Isn't it pretty?

I realize that this posting is mostly just pictures, but it's late and I should get to sleep! I regret to say I watched a movie tonight but didn't knit at all while watching it. "The Breakup", with Jennifer Aniston and Vince Vaughn, while not being that great of a movie, does it's job as a light romantic comedy. It really is just a really long commercial for Chicago! Also, if anyone has seen HERO's or What About Brian - no spoilers, please! They are Tivo'd and ready to go for tomorrow! What did I do before TiVo?

Since the knitting picture leaves something to be desired, I will leave you with what I consider to be one of the most hilarious things I have seen in a long time. This is just a clip of the highlights, I believe the entire episode can be found on YouTube. Watch this:

Sunday, January 14, 2007

An Angelic Scarf & A (Probably) Sloshed Shop Lady

The white scarf is in progress. It's not as ethereal as I had intended, the weight of the pretty white yarn is probably a bit too heavy combined with the small stitches I'm making. But, I think it will still turn out nice. It's a great project to knit while watching TV as it's a very simple pattern. Here it is if anyone is interested:

On another note, I hit up some of the fun Lincoln Avenue shops this afternoon. One consignment shop caught my attention. After walking in I exchanged pleasantries with the shop owner and she told me everything was half off. There had been a sign on the door that said "Buy 1 item, get the 2nd Half Off," but I wasn't going to argue with her if she wanted to be more generous. I looked around for a bit, I must've been there for maybe a half hour, as I had tried on a thing or two. In the whole course of the time while I was there, I kept thinking this woman is getting stranger and stranger by the moment. She must've asked me if I wanted coffee or tea about 5 times, each time I always said no, thank you though. Then she told me the same stories over and over again about how her husband was watching the Bears game today and how glad she was that she told him years ago she didn't care about that kind of thing. A little bit later she got into how she told her sister -in -law that she was jealous of her for being able to retire. This woman was probably between 55-60, herself. My favorite moment(s) was when she was telling me that one does not need to spend a lot to look good. Her "fancy-schmancy" sister-in-law had never visited her shop though, and couldn't understand the fun in finding a great cashmere sweater for a mere few dollars, she told me.

I really didn't think much of it until I was ready pay and leave. She could barely add up my items on her calculator. She had one of those that just had the plain white rolls of paper, simply to add items up on. She added everything twice, the second time coming to a total. Then she started adding everything up a third time. I actually got out my cell phone to use the calculator on it to add the items up, in an effort to politely help her out. This was when I decided, this lady is either completely off her rocker, or else ON something. I was starting to get nervous that she wasn't going to be able to complete the transaction and I wouldn't be able to take home my lovely second-hand store finds! Before she rung up my credit card, I reminded her of the total - I was going to be the one spazzing out if she overcharged me due to her loopiness.
End of story...I ended up with several items that I got great deals on! I promised her on my way out that I would recommend the store to all my friends, and that I will! Just be sure to visit her on "Sloshed Sundays," when there's a Bears game. Guess I just got lucky!

This bag and scarf, which are actually new, not second-hand, as the store sells both, are two of the things I picked up. I absolutely love the bag!

Tuesday, January 09, 2007

No New Knitting News

....or news of anykind, really. I started a scarf over Christmas, a beautiful white flowing yarn scarf, but only had about two rows in it, when I decided to take 2 weeks off. When I went back to it the other night, I was so disgusted with the fact that I couldn't remember how to do the particular stitch pattern that it required, that I just ripped everything out that I had, and decided that I would start all over. This time though, I would get further along than 2 rows before taking a break.

5 minutes later, I decided it wasn't the night for it. To which I proceeded to watch about 4 hours of craptastic Lifetime tv, fall asleep around 10:30, and wake up with a lovely cold! So, I'm convinced that my lack of motivation for knitting just has to do with my body knowing that I was about to get sick. Don't you just love January?

Anyways....I will try and get something going soon....and take pictures. In the meantime though, there might be more non-knitting news on the way. =)

Happy Tuesday.