Tuesday, January 09, 2007

No New Knitting News

....or news of anykind, really. I started a scarf over Christmas, a beautiful white flowing yarn scarf, but only had about two rows in it, when I decided to take 2 weeks off. When I went back to it the other night, I was so disgusted with the fact that I couldn't remember how to do the particular stitch pattern that it required, that I just ripped everything out that I had, and decided that I would start all over. This time though, I would get further along than 2 rows before taking a break.

5 minutes later, I decided it wasn't the night for it. To which I proceeded to watch about 4 hours of craptastic Lifetime tv, fall asleep around 10:30, and wake up with a lovely cold! So, I'm convinced that my lack of motivation for knitting just has to do with my body knowing that I was about to get sick. Don't you just love January?

Anyways....I will try and get something going soon....and take pictures. In the meantime though, there might be more non-knitting news on the way. =)

Happy Tuesday.

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