Friday, December 29, 2006

An Oldie But a Goodie!

I know this is cheating, but.....I've been wanting to post these pics since I started this blog. The quilt and the accompanying pillows were HALF created by me, and so I figure they have a place here. Back when I was a sophomore in college my mom and I decided to make a fun quilt for my dorm room. I picked out all the different fabrics...there's an assortment of reds, yellows, purples, greens, different prints: books, coffee, woodland fairies, stars, and '30's and '40's old reprints. I wanted it to be bright, and have an artsy flair to it. I think that was accomplished!

My mom quilts ALL THE TIME. This is no joke. She's been quilting since long before I was breathing. Used to sell her own pattern back when there was no internet and so I remember boxes and boxes of plastic pattern bags in our house. I'm not sure I could guess how many quilts she's made in her life-time, but it's gotta be up there in the numbers. There are quilts all over my parents house, in every room, hanging on the walls, in chests or dressers, and on the backs of chairs. She's given many away as gifts too...I have 3, besides this one (the one in the background is another of
So, this is why it was the
perfect project for us to work on together!

Here are two blocks close up...

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Dan Mega said...

That's quite the colorful quilt. Looks good.

Nice kitty =)