Friday, December 29, 2006


So the purse is done! Well...almost. Now for the really fun part - I just have to decide which buttons, and what design to put on the front/back. The lining of the purse took a bit longer than I expected, but was worth it. And I got to use my new sewing machine to make it! Thanks, Mom. =)

I found a pretty red and white "fan and flower" printed flat quarter to make the lining out of, sewed in a pocket, and touched it off with one of those "Handmade By ___" labels, to give it a more detailed look. Then I stitched it around the top to the edges of the bag fabric, stitched the sides together, then stitched the handles onto the bag. In hindsight, I kind of wished I had put a magnetic button at the top, to clasp it together. Oh, well, will do that with the next one!

Let me know if you have any suggestions about the buttons. At first I was going to stick with just the crystal/glass/white flower ones, but I'm starting to think a variety of colors, with some wood or leather buttons in there might add a nice pop of color.


gypsy soldier said...

that would make a great valentine's present for me! ;}

zmandamoriah said...

I don't know where my first comment went, but I LOVE it! Way cute. Stick with the clear/glass buttons though, maybe one or two with color. That way you have many more options of when to use it! Great job!